A menu for every occasion...

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The basic three...

Banquet Menu

The perfect starting-point for any banquet!  This menu may be used for lunch or dinner and includes both buffet and sit-down options.

Wedding Reception Menu

Similar to the Banquet Menu, our Wedding Reception Menu also includes services you will definitely want for your special day!

Luncheon Menu

A lighter version of the Banquet Menu, our Luncheon Menu offers buffet and sit-down options available for service before 2 pm.

Sample contracts...

Special Event Contract

Wedding Reception Contract

Specialty menus and themes...

Booster Menu

This menu is designed specifically for school booster events, giving the community an affordable way to celebrate student success

Shower Menu

From tea sandwiches to soups and salads, this is the perfect fare to offer the ladies as you celebrate a new marriage or baby

Meeting Breaks

Treat your employees and other conference attendees with a light breakfast and afternoon snack

Barbecue Menu

Keep it casual and fun! 

Weather permitting, your guests

can get their burgers, etc.

directly from our outdoor grill

Premiere Menu

Give your guests a little extra with

an upscale, sit-down dinner

perfectly prepared and

beautifully presented by our chefs

Stations Menu

Way more fun than a typical buffet, this menu features multiple food stations - each decorated to celebrate your event theme

Hors d'Ouevres

From sliders to canapés, our

a la carte hors d'ouevres menu

offers a little of everything

Pasta Buffet

Perfect for a rehearsal dinner or other small event, the Pasta Buffet celebrates our Italian roots in the most delicious way

Breakfast Menu

Start the day off right with

a cup of coffee and

our breakfast buffet

Funeral Menu

Remember the life of a loved one

by letting us do the work as

you dine with family and friends

Hometown Hero

Follow a trip to the Jimmy Stewart Museum with a Jimmy-themed lunch or dinner


Many of our menus include

dessert, but you won't find a list

to choose from!  We have too

many to count, but here are some

of our most popular desserts

Pizza Menu

From traditional pizza to specialty pizza, the Pizza Menu can be customized to fit your needs

Sub Menu

Whether you want Italian, Turkey, Veggie, or Buffalo, our 2-foot subs are made fresh just for you

Steak Menu

Take the Barbecue Menu to the next level! Weather permitting, your guests can get their steaks directly from our outdoor grill

Brunch Menu

Enjoy the comforts of breakfast a little later in the day with our Brunch Menu